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Dear Travelers

  A successful company is one built on a strong foundation that can support its boundless growth throughout the years. It demands the delivery of excellent products and astonishing service nurtured by a culture of experience, knowledge, and cooperation. Shangrila Tours is such a company. This is why.


   Shangrila Tours was established in 1995 in Lhasa, Tibet. It quickly became a recognized leader in the field of Tibetan travel, offering a wide variety of Tibetan tours and excursions to customers in over 80 countries.

   From its beginning, Shangrila Tours has focused on providing superior customer service. Emphasizing creative yet solid solutions to the administrative difficulties and service barriers inherent in the international market of Tibetan travel. Shangrila Tours has attracted a team of professionals – including local Tibetan guides, local Tibetan drivers, Tibetan trekking teams, and local customer service specialists – that are unrivaled in today’s market. Shangrila Tours delivers on its promise of astonishing service that adapts to any of the needs of its clients, from the moment they land in Asia, until the moment they depart.

 Product Excellence

   Shangrila’s excellent trips, treks and tours in Tibet are known and used by many hundreds of individuals, families, and groups around the world. While all our clients have a certain sense of adventure and realize that Tibetan travel is not about luxury, our tours are all designed with the unique needs of each individual client in mind.

   For those clients for whom Tibet and it’s culture are entirely unknown, Shangrila can provide an itinerary based upon Tibetan culture, religion, and scenery, all catered to the specific needs of the client and their given time frame. Be it a quick overview of Tibet’s major cities by landcruiser, or adventurous trekking in remote areas of the country, Shangrila can offer these types of trips as well as everything in between. Others may already know a considerable amount about Tibet and its culture, in which case, Shangrila will gladly arrange an itinerary around specific points of individual interest.

   For those individuals who have already traveled to Tibet and perhaps spent considerable time here, please send us your ideas. No matter how outlandish they may sound to you, Shangrila is guaranteed to arrange a new and exciting trip for you to remote destinations and sites in Tibet that you have never seen before.

  All of the trips, treks, and tours arranged by Shangrila can include a full array of assistance services, designed to take the hassle out of traveling in Tibet. It is this level of service which sets Shangrila apart from the competition and makes Shangrila the most responsive travel company in Tibet.



   Traditional Tibetan spiritual values coupled with state-of-the-art information and telecommunications technology form the foundation of Shangrila’s customer service capabilities. Based in the Holy city of Lhasa, Tibet’s ancient capital, Shangrila’s team of customer service specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to client needs. Shagrila’s team has instant access to local experts located in every corner of Tibet. No matter what time of day or night, no matter which language, no matter what culture, Shangrila Tours has the resources to provide its customers with the service they need in Tibet, when and where they need it most.

   The need may be as simple as helping a client make an important phone call home, or as complex as coordinating an emergency evacuation. In any case, Shangrila Tours are there around the clock. We realize that nothing can replace a knowledgeable and compassionate voice in a time of need. Well-trained and experienced people are available all day, every day.


   Culture must be experienced. It cannot be adequately communicated by the printed word or with pictures. Shangrila Tours strive to create an environment where happy, experienced and well-trained employees want to give astonishing service. We strive for product excellence and succeed because of our hardworking and knowledgeable staff. Shangrila Tours offer trips, treks and tours with a human touch. Our staff has developed this touch by embracing proven habits of success, by regularly sharing insights, and by sharpening the skills that make them great at what they do. While growing revenues and increasing profits are important, Shangrila Tours recognizes the need to give back to the local and global communities where we do business. Our companies and its employees are involved in a number of diverse projects that help children, the disadvantaged, and promote health care education and diversity. Shangrila Tours invite you to experience the difference that an enlightened travel culture can make.



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